Why Adapt India Networks?

Why Adapt India Networks?

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Broadband Vs Internet Leased Line

1. How it connects: Both broadband and leased lines use cables, but they differ in their way of getting to you. With broadband, you share a local cable with all the other premises in the building or locality using the service. With a leased line, there is no need to share as you get a dedicated cable just for your use!

2. Consistent speeds: As one doesn’t have to share an there is no need to fight for the available speed. As in a business getting 38 Mbps of speed is effectively sharing it with all the other businesses using that particular cable, which can reduce the speed to 20 or even 10 Mbps. With leased lines, on the other hand, you get the speed you need with no sharing. A 38 Mbps speed gives you just that…

3. Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Leased lines generally come with stronger SLAs which results in better and faster service in general.

Leased line

umbrella term, used to describe the lease rent of copper pair, or fiber optics core between telco point of presence (usually referred to as the central office, or CO), and customer’s premises (usually referred to as the demarcation point), to be used for a particular purpose, it could be data (e.g. Internet), burglar alarm, fire alarm, etc. there are many many applications.


umbrella term (much more of a marketing term rooted in the underlying technology) used to describe high speed ( > 4Mbps, this varies might be 8 Mbps ) access rate over an enabling technology

ADSL (most flavors), 3G, 4G, 5G, fiber optics (P2P, PON, GPON, GePON, EPON) all could be referred to as broadband.

You could lease a line (does not matter copper or fiber optics ) and use it to transmit only 64 kbps of data (not broadband rates), that would not be wise, nevertheless possible

One can come across multiple options for broadband packages and solutions when it comes to getting a new Internet solution. Fibre, traditional, unlimited, etc. And then there is the leased line which at first glance may seem considerably more expensive.

Advantages Of A Leased Line

There are a number of benefits when it comes to using a leased line within your office. Firstly, internet leased lines are available with various high-speed internet options. Along with this, you can benefit from faster upload and download times, no slowdown during peak times and access to a private network offered exclusively to the business. Connections are symmetric, unlike standard broadband connections, meaning that you are getting to use the whole lot that you pay for.

Another key benefit of a leased line is consistency. If a broadband connection goes down, you can find that it has devastating effects on your company for a number of days. Even when the broadband connection is regained, you will find that it will be particularly slow as it tries to catch up on all of the uploading and downloads that occurred over the previous few days. When purchasing a leased line, you are provided with a service level agreement, meaning that connectivity issues will generally be solved within a matter of hours.

Elevated performance is another advantage of using a leased line in an office environment and this is due to the fact that your company is the sole user of your leased line. No matter whether you’re making or receiving phone calls over the connection, downloading large files, video conferencing, or trying to work during peak times, you will receive 100% performance at all times.

Flexible Leased Lines

When it comes to using leased lines within your business, you’re going to want to guarantee that you are getting the most for your money. One of the major advantages of a leased line is that it is wholly flexible and can be customized to your business’ requirements. Whether you want 11mbps or 11Gbps, you can pay for what you need, and you can be certain that you will always get the speed and consistency that you are paying for, too.

Protected Connections For Your Business

With a leased line, you can be certain that your connection is protected. Your network will be safer as it will be used exclusively by you, and it is also easier to install security applications and protocols. Your leased line package can be customized to your individual business requirements and your security levels, and you can provide access to those who need it, whether they are working in the office or working from home.

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