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Internet Leased Line

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Internet Leased Line Connection

Businesses of the modern-day need seamless and robust connectivity for communicating as well as transacting over the internet. Most of the users have been utilizing Internet leased line Connection for gaining high-speed communication. It mainly collaborates with the dedicated bandwidth to the extent. As one of the leading Internet leased line Connection providers in India, Adapt India Networks have more number of connectivity all throughout the country. We ensure to provide high-speed as well as dedicated Internet Leased Line connections.

Smart Internet:

Adapt India Networks offers the best superfast internet connection offering state-of-the-art technology business continuity. It also especially provides the high extensive Secure Remote Access. With the use of this smart internet connectivity, it is suitable for the employees to work from anywhere. We use the Internet leased line Connectivity with the added benefits that include remote accessibility, manageability, and security. We at Adapt India Networks ensure to provide you future-ready technology along with easy to upgrade feature.

Whether you have a big or small enterprise with a high dependency on Internet, Adapt India Networks brings you a suitable solution for rising infrastructure. We ensure to provide the dedicated internet leased line connection in Delhi at the lowest price range.

  • 100% uptime
  • Media diversity over wireless
  • Effective bandwidth utilization
  • load balancing
  • Service provider redundancy
  • No fork-lifting

Managed Connectivity:

Adapt India Networks offers complete control as well as manageability on the Internet leased line Connection. This would proactively monitor all networks along with helping to enhance the productivity of employees and organizations. Our internet leased line services in West Delhi provide link-level redundancy along with the auto-failover facility. This process is mainly available with the 2 setup options that include Active-Active mode as well as Active-Passive mode. Based on the usability and needs, it is mainly enabled with the 2 setups along independent link routes.

  • Symmetric bandwidth
  • 5% SLA
  • Dedicated bandwidth
  • Packet loss of less than 1%
  • Web and application filtering
  • Link up time and traffic
  • Unified threat management
  • Multiple bandwidth options
  • Latency commitment

Information technology has constantly been evolving. Most of the IT heads and CIO have constantly been facing more challenges in keeping the IT systems at the office with constant sync. Adapt India Networks assures in providing the best Internet leased line Connection making your office the hi-tech workplace for improving better productivity. The Internet Lease Line is used by the majority of enterprises as well as businesses for the faster transfer of a large amount of data over the internet.

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    Sr. No. Bandwidth Arc OTC Grand Total
    1 5 0.80 0.10 0.90
    2 10 1.30 0.10 1.40
    3 15 1.80 0.10 1.90
    4 20 2.10 0.10 2.20
    5 25 2.30 0.10 2.40
    6 30 2.50 0.10 2.60
    7 40 2.70 0.10 2.80
    8 50 3.00 0.10 3.10
    9 70 3.50 0.10 3.60
    10 100 5.50 0.10 5.60
    11 155 7.00 0.10 7.10

    Dual Last Mile Managed ILL

    Access Network Advantage :

    Airtel – Copper/Fiber(On-net Wired)
    Airtel RF Last mile

    Customer benefits :

    -Multiple Redundancies – Multiple Last Miles for Always Up Connectivity

    -High Uptime – Customer Business favourable SLA (99.95%)

    -Fully Managed – Fully Managed and Monitored Connectivity

    -Dual Last Mile - Single CPE

    -Single Provider E-to-E Solution

    BW Router 1 Year Offer + OTC 2-3 Years Offer + OTC
    2 Huawei AR 161
    4 Huawei AR 161
    10 Huawei AR 161
    20 Huawei AR 651
    50 Cisco C1111
    100 Cisco C1111
    With 18% GST
    With 18% GST

    ILL + Managed Wifi

    (Internet + Access Points)

    Customer Benefits :

    -Complete OpEx Model

    -User Access Control – Fully Customized and Resizable User/Visitors access control

    -Mac binding feature to provide extra security for employees.

    -Managed Services – Fully Managed and Monitored Link and Hardware

    -Ease of IT Support – No IT resource required at customer end to manage

    -Single Vendor Management – End to End solution by Airtel

    -Benefits of Analytics – Central Dashboard and reports for valuable insights into customer footfall

    Particulars 2 years 3 Years
    Bandwidth APs Users OTC + ARC OTC + ARC
    10 2 15
    20 4 30
    50 6 75
    100 8 150
    150 10 225
    200 14 300
    300 20 450
    512 34 750
    1024 54 1500
    With 18% GST
    With 18% GST