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Internet Leased Line

Superfast Internet Leased Line Connect to your business – Service


Experience dedicated internet access (DIA) for all your business needs with Adapt India Network, India’s leading network services provider. Adapt India Networks connectivity services in Delhi are dependable and affordable offering you fast and secure connectivity for critical transactions and increased business efficiency, to keep your business ahead.

Internet Leased lines are more flexible than broadband connectivity because leased lines provide you the liberty to use the dedicated line for specific purpose, either to link various branches for dedicated internet access or for both.

You can choose from a variety of speeds and management options based on the needs of your business backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements and 24×7 technical support desk at your service.

With more than six Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic internet protocol PoPs and an international peering with Tier 1 ISPs, Adapt India Networks Internet Leased Line services can seamlessly process high volumes of data messages with minimal latency.,

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Global Reach

International global backbone with geographical presence across all major continents with 7+ Global POPs and international and domestic…

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Boost your productivity

Adapt India Networks in-house monitoring services ensure your business operates at optimum capacity seamlessly with services…

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Secure scalable network

Use Adapt India Networks easily scalable network to meet your increasing bandwidth requirements as your business grows….

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Round the clock assistance

Adapt India Networks high capacity and low latency networks ensure high network availability, reducing any connectivity issues…

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Agile & Flexible options​

Internet Leased Line is an extremely flexible offering that can be customized to your business’ requirements making…

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Managed Network Services​​

You can subscribe to Adapt India Networks comprehensive Managed Network services for both your local and global needs….

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Why Adapt India Networks?

Broadband Vs Internet Leased Line

1. How it connects: Both broadband and leased lines use cables, but they differ in their way of getting to you. With broadband, you share a local cable with all the other premises in the building or locality using the service. With a leased line, there is no need to share as you get a dedicated cable just for your use!

2. Consistent speeds: As one doesn’t have to share an there is no need to fight for the available speed. As in a business getting 38 Mbps of speed is effectively sharing it with all the other businesses using that particular cable, which can reduce the speed to 20 or even 10 Mbps. With leased lines, on the other hand, you get the speed you need with no sharing. A 38 Mbps speed gives you just that…

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Superfast Internet Connect to your business – Service

umbrella term (much more of a marketing term rooted in the underlying technology) used to describe high speed ( > 100 Mbps, this varies might be 1 GBPS ) access rate over an enabling technology

ADSL (most flavors), 3G, 4G, 5G, fiber optics (P2P, PON, GPON, GePON, EPON) all could be referred to as broadband.

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